Block Loan (Pronote Loan)

Block loan is a simple loan scheme operated by the financiers, generally for a small period. This loan is also known as pronoteloan or mortgage loans. There is no fixed criteria for installmentswise payment and the repayment should be in partial or full amount during loan period. Some companies practicing monthly interest charging method and cumulate interest to the principle.

Multiple schemes loan payment

Various interest percentages for PL

Provision for monthly cumulating of interest

Provision for grace period and penal interest

Photo capturing facility

Calculate closing date

Scrutiny of loan paper and details

Authorization for payment

Provision for Interest collection in advance

Provision to note documents details, Collection of various overheads

Provision for guarantors

Calculate liability and assets with the company of customers and guarantors

Provision for part receipt of principle and interest

Print all loan documents and forms

SMS alert on due date of principle and interest payment

Digitalize all documents collected from the customers

Provision to send letters and intimations

Segregation of performing non performing asset (NPA)

Legal proceeding, status entry and receipts