Career prospects

Computer is considered to be the fourth great invention in history to aid man in his thinking process and decision making ability. The invention of electronic digital computers and the evolution of microprocessors combine the advantages and attributes of all the previous inventions and make them available for almost every realm of human life - Education, Business, Industry, Commerce, Social, Cultural, Religious, Administrative, Medical, Governmental and Recreational.

What ever may be the business activity and the form of business organization, money and other economic resources are required and they have to be properly accounted for. Accounting is necessary in not only business organizations, but also in non - business' organizations like Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Libraries etc. Basic objectives of accounting are systematic maintenance of records, ascertaining the financial position of the organization and providing accounting information to interested parties. Accounting is the process of identifying, measuring, recording, classifying, summarizing, analyzing, interpreting and communicating the financial transactions and events in monetary terms.

Main areas taken up for computerization initially were accounting applications like Payroll, Stores and Inventory control, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Fixed asset accounting, Cost accounting and Financial accounting. To start with, all of them were stand alone batch processing applications. As computer hardware were very costly, only large organizations could afford them and most of the organizations had to develop own software to suit their specific requirements. With the advent of microprocessors, computers became very cheap and popular. Consequently, demand for software packages also grew. A number of organizations started developing and marketing commonly used software packages. Spread sheet software and word processing packages are the most prominent examples. Advent of microprocessors has popularized personal computers. Now most of the organizations, big or small, use computers for all their accounting jobs. In fact, computerized accounting packages have replaced the traditional method of accounting. Massive storage capacity, speed of calculations, easy search, flexibility in extracting reports, improved accuracy and secrecy, increased reliability and above all net working capabilities have made computers an integral part of all business activities. Careers in accounting is expected to grow faster than the average as each and every organization, however small it may be, needs accounting and finance systems for survival, profit and growth. No organization can succeed without efficient, financial management. Therefore, people who acquire reasonable knowledge of computerized accounting systems have brighter career prospects.

Why Integra Academy?

Integra is a well established company engaged in software development, marketing, training and maintenance. It has a well knit team headed by professionals in accounting and software management. It has developed and marketed software packages in various business segments so that it has a wide knowledge base. Unlike other training institutions, Integra offers training in a variety of software packages so that the trainees can choose packages for specialization - Accounting and Inventory control, Chit fund management, Gold loan management, Hotel and Restaurant management, Co-operative society management, Hospital management etc.

Class room training in software packages is not enough to make the trainees proficient in the use of that package. Practical training and on the job field training are necessary to make them proficient and competent. Since Integra has a well established software development center, it has adequate hardware, software and people resources to impart necessary practical training. More over, Integra has a client base of hundreds of organizations to facilitate on the job field training. Successful trainees will have multiple career options in front of them.

Integra academy is different from other training institutions as we employ an integrated holistic approach to training. Most of the training institutions offer class room training in accountancy and accounting packages developed by some reputed organizations. We, in Integra academy do offer such training with added emphasis on practical. In addition, we train the students in a number of software packages designed, developed, marketed and maintained by us. Integra is proud that it has wide client base so that it can offer the trainees remunerative on the job field training. We attach a lot of importance to practical so that the trainees are operational as soon as they pass out of the academy.

Our commitment to the trainees does not end with the training. In fact it is only the beginning and it continues and grows with time. We do offer free refresher courses to the trainees in the new versions of Integra software releases so that they remain current with the latest changes.


  • To organize career oriented training programs in computerized environment with emphasis on intensive practical and on the job field training.
  • To provide training to people working in various commercial/ business/ training organizations with a view to improve their work quality, efficiency, productivity and career progression
  • To provide in- house training to employees of client organizations in selected software packages
  • To provide business process outsourcing services to clients
  • To develop Integra Academy as a training institute of excellence in computerized accounting systems.