Integra Pay Master (Pay Roll Management Software)

Integra Pay Master is designed to meet the needs of small-to-medium sized organizations those who wish to automate their payroll requirements and ensure compliance. Integra Pay Master maintains a monthly register of employees, each with relevant payments and deductions.

  • Attendance management
  • Leave management
  • Staff loan management
  • Salary advance
  • ESI & PF
  • Professional Tax
  • Salary preparation
  • Statutory reports
  • Staff History

Employee registration, salary additions and deductions, various type loans, loan payment and installment deduction through salary, various types of leave and its automatic calculation, provision for variable or lump sum DA, department/grade/designation wise salary preparation and reports, pay slip, detailed leave register, calculation and recovery of ESI, PF, WF, TDS and other statutory deductions, list of holidays, resignation/termination/promotion, personal ledger and staff history, automatic listing of birth day and anniversaries of staff etc.