Integra ICM Community Management Software

Member Management

A very important feature which lets records and understand family details of members and create family tree.

Contact Management

A very useful feature to records contact information of emergency service providers, persons, authorities etc those who closely associate with organization.

Photo viewing

View and export saved photos


This feature lessens the burden on our stressful lives by providing us reminders of important dates and events.


Timely collection of various fees and contributions from the members are the revenue of the organizations. ICM provides the facility for collection, monitoring and its accounting with a systematic way


Digitalizing meeting proceeds and summery of events of organization for future reference. Date wise and subject wise records of every actions and happenings in the organization gives entire history of a particular subject .


A scheduler or timely pointer to fulfill duties & commitments of organization provides a hassle free routine. In other words it points out the things to do on the day and protects from financial losses due to minor negligence and forgetting the things on time.

Task Management

Put on record our daily task, analyses productivity and efficiency.My Task is a simple daily task manager with which we can manage all our daily tasks in a systematic way and sorting them by priority. By updating result of daily scheduled task we can analyses our productivity.

Asset Management

This feature helps to records and monitor assets of organization. Easily enter the details of belongings, have a watch on our assets by having a summary or particulars of assets and also know the value of our assets. Organize our assets by category and location for proper tracking

Liability Management

This feature helps to records and monitor liabilities of organization. Easily enter the details of commitments, have a watch on our liabilities having a summary or particulars of liability.


Summing up of all details of investments namely document details, location etc. Once we entered the details, don't search for paper works, take better care of time management & it acts as a quick reference.


Whether it is premium date, policy no, date of commencement, agent name, sum assured etc anything regarding insurance of organization.


Accounts record organizations income and expenditure in a systematic way. By integrating with other modules and feature of ICM, organizations found no excessive functionality require to maintaining books and accounts and its finalization.

Budget Management

Have a budgetary plan by forecasting the various sources of income & expenditure. It is designed to help us on the proper steps needed to make organization budgeting easier, more practical and cost effective.

Bulk SMS

A wishing message from our own organization will make everyone happy, and that is what Integra SMS is all about. At the time of New Year or on a special occasion, once message is entered we are able to send it to all members or to a specified group easily.

Bulk Email

Whether it business promotion, greeting emails, mass communication we have the option of bulk mailing system. It never lets down any of our members, by a single entry ICM able to send email to all members, we would like to receive it.


Personalities a mass communication matter/letters and gives us hassle free addressing and sorting solution. We can send a letter or information material to all our contacts easily by using letter. Also print envelops.