Integra ERP - Distribution (Distribution Management Software)

Distribution management is a process of creating and developing product distribution network between the source (Producer) and end user (consumer). This process includes, determine distribution area, deployments of staffs, product delivery methodology, distribution channel or supply chain and warehousing. In normal terms a distribution network is a bridge between manufacturer and consumer that carry goods from source location to point of sales (POS), where from the customer purchase the goods.

The style and structure of supply chain will vary according to the infrastructure and the business volume of a company. Large companies, particularly dealing with the FMCG and Pharmaceuticals, are found to adopt a number of channels to reach out their goods to customer. But small companies, those who are operating in small area are dealing directly with distributors of wholesalers. The strategy behind choosing a distribution network depends upon the product nature and size, production volume, operational area, management capabilities and frequency of end user consumption.

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Main features

Online integration

Supplier Management

Vendor Rating

Purchase Order Processing

Inventory Management

Stock Level Management

Godown Management

Stock Control Process

Planning Marketing Area

Deployment of Marketing Staff

Product Pricing Policies

Customer Management

Sales Order Processing

Sales Discount Management

Sales Schemes

Credit Control Management

Profitability Analysis

Promotion Management

TAX Management

Accounts Management

Payment Approvals

PDC Management

Cost Centre Management



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